Message from Kenji

From the Green Corridor, Costa Rica*
‘between two oceans, between two continents’

I am currently in Costa Rica and have the opportunity to expose the many natural wonders of this country. I certainly enjoy discovering, studying, and understanding what God has created and is sustaining. 

I am working on many projects which deal with the natural history of insects.  This consists of looking for them in the field, photographing, collecting, rearing, and organizing, processing and publishing data. This is a hobby that I truly enjoy.

Insects are known as the most diverse and numerous creatures here on the earth, yet most of them are small and we often miss them in our busy, bigger world.  All living organisms, even the ones that are insignificant for human beings, have their functions and meanings of existence, and of course as we live on this earth, they are part of our existence. 

I believe that we humans enjoy and appreciate what we see and feel via our senses and my wish is that through these photos of marvelous nature, a world often perceived as small may become large.  I hope that this will inspire an awareness of nature conservation and also a desire to recover what we are losing. 

Instead of four seasons, Costa Rica only has two – they are the wet and dry seasons.  Of course not just insects, but much of the wildlife is active all year round, so why not come visit Costa Rica to see and experience this world for yourself? 

Kenji Nishida

San José, Costa Rica, May 3rd, 2004

*Photo Exhibition, Green Corridor Costa Rica ‘between two oceans, between two continents’ was held
during the period from June 2nd to July 12th, 2004 at Aquamarine Fukushima in Fukushima, JAPAN.